Love Nippon!!
For people who have interests in Nippon. We have ancient time and modern time mixed, nature, technologies and nice people. I post pictures of my favorite Nippon which were taken by myself. If you like to be informed with new article, please subscribe this blog. Thank you!

NIPPON – 100 years ago

These photos are colorized photos about 1900 in Japan taken by an Italian photographer,


See all at here.


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  1. Wonderful, there is no other words, even if i don’t understand why Japanese women wore white make-up, now i understand the shock when Emperor Meiji ordered to modernize the country, and why Japan of nowadays could keep its customs and traditions. when we learn the History of Japan we can understad a lot of things, especially the problems brought by other countries in Japan.
    Happy new year and all my wishes of good health for you and your family


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