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Lets Get Rid of TPP !!Trans-Pacific Partnership Destroys National Economies – YouTube

Lets Get Rid of TPP !!Trans-Pacific Partnership Destroys National Economies – YouTube.


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  1. All national economies are destroyed by that system ( captalism system ), i know Japanese economic problems and i think that Japanese people are really strong especially this year , i pray for better days in all countries, and i hope one day a system whichi respects cultures, people and their countries will born.

    I am glad you post new entry, i was a little worry about you. Thanks again

    • Hi Anthony,

      How are you?
      I’m fine.

      If you can read Japanese, I strongly recommend for you to read a book titled “Mahoramato” written by Kikuji Minamide. (「まほらまと」 by 南出喜久治) In the book, you will find philosophy and logic for new world structure. His insight and suggestion are amazing.
      I have been changing my thoughts and life style for the purpose. I’ve found out that we must change things all over the world.

  2. Hi
    I’m fine thanks
    Changing his life style is a very good idea, even if i’ve never liked capitalism, and i think that in France it will take at least 30 or 50 years old for the change to begin, France is a very conservative country, but in the bad meaning of that world
    I’m studying Japanese history, and now i can understand a lot of things about Japan and Japanese people, it’s very interesting


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