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For people who have interests in Nippon. We have ancient time and modern time mixed, nature, technologies and nice people. I post pictures of my favorite Nippon which were taken by myself. If you like to be informed with new article, please subscribe this blog. Thank you!


We must say thank you to all people around world who are supporting Nippon.
The number of victims are increasing day by day.
We must concentrate not to spread damage anymore and help poeple who are suffering from disaster.
I’m sure we will revive soon.

We are noticed many people send donation for us everyday.
We are encouraged by your voices.
Thank you again for your support.


The picture is Sakura which I took April 2nd near my home.


コメント / トラックバック6件 to “ありがとう!ARIGATOU!”

  1. my friend! I’m so sorry this disaster! I did not never want to go to Turkey for a while but had to go back.

    I will come back as soon as possible. I and my people love to Japanese people so much! yesterday night support concert held in Izmir. please look 😉

    • Hi friend,

      Thanks for sharing the URL.
      I believe we will revive quickly.
      Thanks for supporting and thank to all people who support Nippon there.

  2. All my support to the Japanese people, with the hope that the situation will not get worse. I already donated, but i am a little frustrated not being able to do more.
    The attitude of self-control and dignity is a good lesson given to other countries that spend their time criticizing without knowing anything about the country, my condolences to the families of victims, all my support to the survivors, hoping that Japan was the slope.
    Thank you for the photo, cherry blossoms are one of my favorite flowers.

    • Hi friend,

      Thanks for the donation.
      I hope people who are suffering will be better situation.
      I know your country has a lot of nuke plants and I suspect that it potentially has problem.

  3. You’re welcome. helping a country that I like is natural for me.

    As you wrote there are a lot of nuke plants in my country, but in France citizens have just the right to pay and shut up, just one thing sorry for Sarkozy’s visit ( you know now how he is stupid and pathetic, and the others are not better ).

    I am really ashamed to see that foreigners living in Japan, I find it disgusting, not even capble to help a country that has been generous enough to welcome it’s really a shame. I know I pratiqument no chance to go to Japan someday, but I think I would stay out of respect for the victims and solidarity with the country

    • Hi Anthony,

      Hahaha, I think Sarkozy-san is a business man.

      Anyway, we need direct support for people in north-east area. So I will go there now. I will try to support directly them as many times as possible.

      Today I will go to Sendai with tons of underwear, shoes and waters. I’m not sure I can go next week but I will try.


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