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コメント / トラックバック13件 to “HOW TO MAKE BENTO”

  1. This Youtube chanel is very good. I’m register to it. ^^
    Thanks a lot Kazz to have link it here.
    For people, who wants to know japanese cooking, it’s very useful.

  2. I have to look on online shop.
    My teacher wife send me some things with the cooking book. It’s something that you can use with rice.
    But it’ll be better to find a shop here and take time to choose good ingredients. But we didn’t have that here… only in the nord of Italy……

    • I see. Don’t you think you start Japanese cooking/ingredients business at your location? ^^
      Are there farmers who make rice in Italy?
      We have been maintaining eco system which cycles natural resources around forest, river and paddy field. We can’t live with lack of natural resources so we have developed the eco system.

      Mothers in Japan cook this kind of bento for their children very often and for their husband sometimes.
      How about french mothers?

  3. I’ll tell you how it was when I was a child.
    I came back home to take my lunch.
    She was cooking for us.
    My mother prepared a packed lunch for my father. Time to time, he also was eating at restaurant.
    After that, when I was in high school, I ate at the canteen because it was so far from my home (1 hour by bus to go and one hour to come back).
    At the end, I was sleeping in my high school at the boarding school/internship.

  4. It’s very beautiful and It must be very tasty. It reminds me a report on the Japanese cooking, this report showed a woman and her mother cooked every day bentos for 5 children, it’s not in France where you can see that. It’s on the reason for which I like Japan : the respect towards everything,I hope Japan and its people will exist forever.

  5. yes Anthony, our culture are so different!!

  6. *different since over 2000 years ago.

  7. yes our cultures are different, but our visions of family are different too, and the most important school in France are different from Japan, I read information about Japanese school timetables, and I am virtually certain that a if Japanese parent could read the French ones he would ask how the French children can learn something.
    Bento is a great idea, there is something which make me laugh with Japanese people : why do something so simple when you can do it complicated ?


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